Hi there
I have a few pairs of DBA 4000 6X6 wiper slot rotors for the VE V8's (Non HSV) and some Ferodo Formula pads which will suit the V6 and V8 non HSV models. The rotors are clearance stock from DBA who are now selling the T3 range and the Ferodo formula's are a very good matching pad.The prices are for forum members and there friends but the prices must be quoted when ordering so full price is not charged.
I have about 10 pair in stock.
DBA 4000 6X6 Slotted disc for the V8 non HSV's but will fit rear redline series.
Front DBA 42028SL/SR 321mm $135 each
Rear DBA 42029SL/SR 324mm $135 each
Ferodo Formula brake pads will fit the V6 and V8 std models not HSV but will fit rear redline series.
DB1765FF $135
DB1766FF $135