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    fan belt squeal under moderate acc

    Hi guys again. My other problem is my fan belt will squeal under average to harder not flat accel from standing start to around 2-3krpm. I have replaced everything new, fan belts main and air con, all tensioners, Idle tensioners, powersteering pump. These things really needed doing anyways. But that squeal is always there when i want to give it just a bit more then normal take off. never does it ever but under normal driving. I have tried the car at a idle and rev it that bit all quite. Quite annoying also if there people next to u. Any help much app again thanks.

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    Don't know the answer but I would be checking the belt alignment in case there is slight rubbing on the side of a pulley. A slight offset could be the problem.

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    if the belts are brand new there is a possibility that since they have been fitted they may have just stretched a little bit as they settled in and just need to be tightened again

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    Automatic tensioner so u cant tighten them up more then they are. I did think out of alignment but what do U undo and move to check for this power steering pump?

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    A common problem yrs ago on certain cars...could here them comming a mile away...fixed by rubbing soap on fan belt, worked every time.

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    I have been told to rub graphite on the inside of the belt to stop it from squealing. Also on my VZ it was the air-condition belt making all the noise, have you replaced yours.

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    Hey yeh everything is new both belts pullies tensioners water pump power steering pump not alternator but its def not the alternator its the main belt. Come to think of it I had a radiator fitted other day and I am wondering if when they took hoses off if they got coolant on belt.

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    Try the graphite.

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    Last time I looked, the Alternator belt IS the main engine belt???

    Are you sure it isn't the power-steering pump?

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    Hey Macca was making the noise with the old power steering pump and I have fitted a new one not long ago noise still there. Everything is all new, Im guessing it could be touching something maybe alignment but not sure how u adjust for that. Only does it 2-3k range and its only on harder take off otherwise all quiet. But when it does do it fk annoying as hell.

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