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    Hi John,
    nice car. I remember seeing it in the HSV book "Signature of Success".
    God to see that you still own it

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    hunter valley nsw
    Hi John,
    My GTS also has the sound system upgrade. I would love to see some photos of the head unit also the front door trims. To confirm mine is the same as yours. With the upgrade it came with the roof clock. please confirm this also is the same.

    Still looking for a 5th anniversary 5000i if anyone spots one for sale or any other good VP that might be good for my collection...maybe another GTS would be good....haha mobile : 0428239431 if someone could drop me a text if a super special deal pops up that would be great.

    VQ Statesman 5000i 5th Anniversary #9 - GALAXYBLUE
    VP Senator 5000i #086 - Alaskan White
    VP Senator 5000i #109 - Quartz
    VP GTS #123 - Alaskan White
    VT Senator 220i #314 - Herron White

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    Hi, just bought #105 from the original owner. Been neglected but looking forward to returning it to it's factory glory. White with devonish velour interior (type 2). I really wish it wasn't 23i, hardest trim to source on the planet. If anyone can point me in the right direction, would be forever greatful.
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    Friend of mine just bought build # 3 in Maranello red with Devenish trim. Original 48k on the clock!

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