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    Is it yours mate? Would love to see pics and more details about how it has been modified by Brock. Did he actually have a hand in it, or did he just put his name on it?

    Real name Brady

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    Yes, like I said, I've seen that brochure before,...used to have a copy of it,.....but nowhere on it does it mention the Polarizer,...had a couple of them too!. I am amazed that Peter lent his name to, and Lewis signed docs for, a Polarizer in 2006!!

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    Yes I do own the car.
    The original owner set up the car with PB and held a dealership day where invited guests were taken for a ride with PB up a gravel rd. The car wasn't set up from a brochure package.

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    Some of the specs are

    Peter Brock Legend Series throttle body
    SS induction
    Tuned by Peter Starr ( 380 kilowatts )
    Kazz diff center
    Harrop short shifter
    Neoprene bushes
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