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    Sv6000 wheels are called yellow spirit! They must have a yellow base coat which gives it a yellow tinge in the light, very cool looking colour!

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    Quote Originally Posted by white_lie View Post
    SV6000 wheels should be easy to fix up as they're silver rather than shadow chrome like the VY GTS.

    How much are they asking?
    Last message he wanted $38k....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkhsv View Post
    Last message he wanted $38k....
    In 2015 it had a MP122, then when it popped up recently its been removed. Saw an add in 2017 and it was still on. Also had a touch screen headunit. Its been through a few owners.

    The wheels have yellow through them, hard to get factory correct, a good painter will be able to but wont be cheap!

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    Love the car.

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