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    I have not seen too much chat about the last 70 Coupes. The Signature is a lovely car and looks great with those wheels.

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    When I got the WK, there was a new Signature Coupe at $76,000 ish (if I recall correctly) or the 3yr old Grange with an asking price of $43,500. We agreed on the asking price but with protection inside/exterior and extended warranty thrown in. I used up the 200,000 very quickly however - 10,000 service every five weeks or so. Was better when the company sent me interstate - I had a hire car during that time.

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    I agree. I am just about to part with my 10th anniversary Senator Signature. It is pristine and I know it will appreciate in value but I am not in a position to get the most out of owning it now. It just sits in its Carcoon all alone.

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    Sep 2017
    History shows anything a little bit different(limited addition,anniversary ect)should hold there value and if anything go up in value in the long term.Now there's no more being built it will be interesting to see how prices are in the next 5,10,15 years.

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