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    Please read before posting!

    Hi everyone
    This area is a show and tell of what you tow with the HSV, examples boats, jet ski's, trail bikes, road bikes, race cars, caravans and anything else interesting!!! enjoy dont forget to post up an image with your thread!!
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    Sorry..Mr Sirhsv. I tow dirtbikes....But I did find it wears the inside of my very expensive rear tyres as I have no camber kit!

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    I was down at my dealers on Monday and was just talking about the issue of towing.
    I have a rolled gutter then a steep driveway to enter my garage and cannot get any sort of a run up, I have to feather the clutch on the way up and sometimes smell a hint of clutch once inside the garage.
    I have no intention of towing anything, but his reply was that when our cars (2010 manual Clubbie etc) are hot, and the torgue they produce they do not like feathering of any sort, he has heaps of complaints about guy's trying to pull boats out of boat ramps and tradies using Maloo's as their work utes that end up with no drive at all and get stuck until the car cools down.
    In his opinion there is no simple fix, the only one he recommends is if you are going to tow with the current range of HSV's you must purchase an Automatic.

    Cheers, GR8T

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    Yeah for boat ramps, but what about towing a gokart to the track or a tailer full of garden waste to the tip? You would have any need to slip the clutch. Would ya?
    Having said that thou i must admit i tow quite a bit but it's always been with an auto.
    Zorst video: https://youtu.be/R0oKu5PMQG4

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    I tow my two different trailers, either one has mine and my boys ktms in or on them

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    I tow... a 6x4 box trailer with/without cage
    (one of the reasons for a Clubbie wagon) a VK race car/trailer combo all around the countryside

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