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Thread: Vr senator 215

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    Vr senator 215

    Hi can anyone tell me if the clutch is the same as Camaro or pontiac LT1as I believe it has the same 6 speed

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    The two excerpts below, from Holden Special Vehicles, The Innovators, 1991-1995 by Tim Britten, Tony Glynn and Richard Reid, should answer your question:

    "The new clutch assembly was subjected to one million actuation rig test cycles. The clutch is an hydraulic pull type with reduced pedal effort and is similar to that used in the Chevrolet LT1. Because of the new hydraulic clutch activation cruise control is fitted for the first time to a manual V8 Commodore."

    "Six speed transmission has been sourced from the US and has a conventional gate, unlike the ZF unit used in the VN Group A SS. The BTR unit also has a shorter throw and introduced synchromesh on reverse gear which is controlled by an electronically activated safety lock-out solenoid. The transmission is fitted to the Chevrolet Camaro for the American market."
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