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    Track Action's Saturday Night Drift

    Went along to this last night, and not surprisingly I was the only HSV representing. It was super fun and well organised. This is the second event I've been to that's been run by these guys and I would recommend them, also its one of the few drift events where passengers can ride along. The car performed flawlessly and I managed to avoid all obstacles!


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    That looks like great fun. Got to see if anything like that happens here in Vic.
    I have 10 acres and let loose around it australia day, kids love it, tore it up tho.
    You were goin well in the video. On your next go at it , try unloading the ass end on tip in, youll just have to be a bit quicker into the corner. Doing it like that will give you more speed and easy and even throttle take up. May not work with how your suspensions set but worth a crack, youll probably understeer in. If you have coilovers, happy days, just soften the front up heaps

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