Not that fussed about offloading but thought I'd try here first, trying to find a quick no painless sale priced at what it owes no more.

8600kms. Barely used a 110km round trip commute and i've had it just under 2 years from new.

2017 Holden built June 17, HSV compliance September 17, first reg Dec 17
White manual
**Factory Options
Rimfire forged matte black 9"FR 10"Rear
6/4 piston brake package
Full size spare
**Dealer fit
Walky short shift
Walky CAI (VCM?)
Walky lowered springs
Octane tint

'Modifications' if you call them that...
Rear badges changed for yellow/black genuine versions from red/black (just to better match the plates, true story)
HSV30 badges removed (didn't like them)

Comes with the ute...
All original removed parts from dealer fits (inc factory springs)
Walky springs
HSV30 badges
HSV30 car cover

Rocker recall done, barely driven last six months

Negatives? Few minor stone chips, and i do mean 3 or 4 tiny ones. Otherwise, unmarked inside and out.

NEVER carried a load. NEVER thrashed. Maybe driven in the rain once when i got caught out. ALWAYS covered. ALWAYS washed/polished by hand. No accidents anything, never parked in a public carpark

If it's not a no fuss sale, it's not a sale. Price is what it is and just allows me to pay it out. We have cars hanging out our assholes inc my daughters now she has her L's and need to make room (well and missus whinging 'why do you have a car you don't drive???? Fair question i guess

Some of the pics were in Pennant Hills showroom (i had to go interstate to get the combo i wanted that late in the piece) others in her cover where she rests every day. As you may detect from this i'm not determined to sell, and it's a bit impulsive...but a definite sale at the ask if someone wants her.

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