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Thread: New ZL1 owner

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    Thank you to the forum members that posted up their bad experiences with other performance shops. It does prove that my personal experience with my GTSR wasn’t an isolated experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldMateGTS View Post
    Still in 2 minds over if i should drive my GTS into the ground and use it up like disposable undies.
    if you want to trade for an ss ute to run into the ground let me know

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    Hi Steve how about a ZL1 update a very nice car I'm keen on more feedback from owners.
    I noticed the chiller photo not a cheap mod but it's nice to know you engine is not all but cooking cooling is a massive issue now, watch the stingray video it seems to be all about cooling and overall airflow at speed.
    As I though I get lots of attention with the only part obvious the huge hoses that still look close to stock as its all mat black even the coated pacemaker full system. Not so sure the Mickey T tyres are stealth though. Cheers from a 41 degree day in Perth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZL1__Steve View Post
    Thanks for the comments and advice guys.

    To answer a few questions;

    Yes they have a bi-modal exhaust. They are very quiet, too quiet for my liking even with the setting in TRACK mode. I read online that HSV had to add extra mufflers to the original system to meet ADR rules so an option might be to have an exhaust shop remove these extra mufflers as I havenít been able to find anyone that makes a full exhaust system in Australia to suit. My GTSR is louder than the ZL1 also being stock but it clearly passed ADR rules. Maybe when cars are imported the rules are different to locally made cars? I donít know.
    Sorry to dig up a post from a while back, but there is an option that doesn't seem to gain much traction in these pages and that is the Varex rear muffler system. Can be a little involved in setting it up to suit your exact requirements, as mine surely was, but it has the ability to be super quiet or anywhere in between to "Straight through" and all tuned via the "Smart Box" to open the valves to any amount ( 25%, 40%, 60% etc ) at any combination of rev range, any throttle position and at any speed based on your desire. Runs via an app on your phone connected via bluetooth to the Smart Box controller which in turn is wired to your OBD2 port. I wouldn't go back to any other exhaust system. Quieter than stock, straight through or anywhere in between at the touch of a button and you can tune it to open at varying levels dependent on any combination of RPM, throttle position and speed.

    On many occasions, I've been pulled up at the lights and some "wanna be" pulls up next to me thinking they are a chance because my exhaust is quiet. I hit a button on my iphone ( which is in a cradle of course so totally legal ) to go into straight though mode and the note changes into that of a snarling beast, thanks to the boys at Motor Torque, and more often than not the "Wanna Be" who thinks that the GTSR they want to blow away and might be another notch in their belt, backs off.

    Normally they are the Blue Oval brigade or some rice burning import. Occasionally though it is a fellow HSV enthusiast so I have to play the game as a mark of respect.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZL1__Steve View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I think I will wait till Performance shops start advertising their achievements with the Camaro platform. If itís going to be a while, then so be it.

    Any updates Steve?

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