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    HSV Formula

    Only just saw one of these listed for sale, VP Formula. I don't recall seeing one before. A complete copy of the Formula option used by Pontiac since about '76 when the 2-tone colour option became it's trademark and most well known on the Firebirds. Even the emblem and font is almost a complete copy.

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    I remember them. They were an actual HSV and not a Contract build.
    Not sure how HSV ended up with the name because Holden used it earlier. SS/ Club Sport body kit, Senator grille. 15" wheels and the rear lip spoiler kind of looked out of place.
    I was never a fan of 2 tone paint for Commodore/ Falcon based cars.
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    Not a very impressive addition to the HSV ranks. If you really want more info send me a PM and I'll send you a couple of pages of info.
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