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    Exclamation WTB Clubsport, R8 GTS. Cammed, Supercharged. Prefferably in SA.

    Howdy fellas, im looking to spend 25-30k on a supercharged and/or cammed VE HSV. Manual only, sedan only! Prefer in SA as a modified one will cost me about 3k to get it legal and engineered in SA for rego and insurance purposes, so will only go interstate for the right deal..


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    There's one or two on carsales SA in that price range and one of them is cammed, but I think you'll struggle to find anything supercharged HSV for below 40k.

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    Cheers, but yeah ahah, about three days to drive back and then itll be another 2-3k on top of the price to get it engineered here ahah. Bit out of my price range anyhow.

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