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    Just got the latest edition of Wheels, where they've driven the new Corvette.
    Whilst confirming the "base" price of just under $60K U.S., which doesn't include a lot of "delivery" items, they say that with some "desirable" options, the price could very quickly rise to $80K+ U.S.
    They say expected arrival in Aussie is late 2020, early 2021, with an expected price of $170K Aus.
    Then there will be plenty in showrooms when Jesus comes back at those prices.

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    Nothing exciting yet though.

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    Just trying to recall here, several years back did Holden run a pretty successful advertising campaign for the Astra which resulted in selling quite a few of them on the basis of getting into mum and dads heads "this is a good car for your kids to learn to drive in, it's also very safe, and its a good city car for A to B"

    Did they run something like this?

    Based on their current line up of vehicles none really seem to push the button of wanting one other than the Colorado and Trailblazer if you are looking for a large 4WD that is, the rest look strange.

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    Some interesting bits in here that a lot of us have probably heard/assumed but our media don't seem to cover. One trim level available and likely 150k... I think the 3LT with Z51 pack starts at 70k in the states?


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