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    Question Transferring rego on a supercharged Clubsport to another state...

    Hey guys, just wondering if any knows if I transfer a supercharged clubsport from VIC rego to SA rego I'd need to get a new mod plate or whatever SA has? Or is it still legal in SA because it's legally been done in VIC?

    I know if a new owner is getting interstate you'll likely have to go to regency (though not sure if that'd be the same for me since I'm 150km from Adelaide). Even though it's meant to just be an identity check, I heard a lot of people have to go through Regency anyway..

    Any help appreciated, cheers!

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    It would have to be checked again in your state by an engineer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HSVGTS125 View Post
    It would have to be checked again in your state by an engineer.
    Thanks! Do you know if that would be the same 2-3k it costs to engineer it again? Or is it something else that's cheaper than when it was first engineered?

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    Does anyone know if it needs to be engineered again in SA if it was registered in my name in the other state before transferring to SA rego?

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