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    New member VF2 GTS

    Hi all,
    Thought Id introduce myself with a few photos of my ride

    One of the first mods was replacing the beige colours with black.

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    Welcome,nice car same colour and model as mine. Is it a sixteen build? What number? By the way best mod was the baby seat to keep the little one safe.

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    Apr 2011
    Welcome to the forum your car looks new.
    What are you changing wrt colours?
    My guess it must be a 16 build as very very few 2017 were made without the 30 anniversary badge.
    I'm very keen to know what you picked the GTS up for? I see now car sales is asking prices the same as
    new, that worked out to between 90 and 100k drive away for an auto.
    cheers andrew

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    Thanks for the warm welcome.
    It’s a 2016 #1143

    Has 30,000km, meticulously taken care of

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    Feb 2011
    They always look good, don't they !
    GTSR Maloo

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    Oct 2016
    Gen F2 really do look better.... nice ride mate, congrats!

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    Thanks for kind words

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    May 2016
    Perth WA
    Welcome mate, car looks great! Might I enquire as to how/who did the black interior please? I'm a big fan. Looks great and wouldn't mind doing that to my vehicle..

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    Most of the black plastics are from a 2008 hsv
    The front original pillars have been trimmed, the head liner as well.
    Any local trimmer is more than capable of trimming the head liner and pillars.

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