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    98 fuel shelf life and fruit cakes

    My GTS was my daily for a bit but I got a 4x4 that I drive everywhere now.

    Went to start the GTS and it stank and didn't run too crisp. Long story short I was informed that 98 fuel goes off after about a month.

    Fresh tank of fuel and its back to normal but holy crap, what are the blokes doing that don't drive them?

    Does that stabilizer stuff work?

    Its starting to become a pain in the *** to own this thing.

    Also when I take a break from driving it most people in traffic seem semi normal. When I get in it I notice tool bags seem to come out of everywhere. People rev at me with heaps of shit and go past me P plater flyby style. Today some ****wit in a golf sat 2 meters off my bumper with his lights on moving left and right when my GPS was telling me I was doing 5km over the speed limit myself.

    I never understood brake checks until today.

    I bought a shit box corolla for $500 that drives well and everything works on. When I am in it I become invisible and nobody is angry or aggressive for no reason.

    I am starting to feel like driving the GTS is like looking directly into the eyes of every meth head and nut job and demand they tell me what THEY are looking at.

    Is it just me? Do I need clinical help or has anybody else noticed it?

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    Change where u live

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTS2017 View Post
    Change where u live

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    Not sure that will fix it. I notice it in Perth when I take my car out and was talking to a friend the other day who said the same thing when he takes his out and he's in Sydney.
    There's a trend in Perth for people to sit 10km/h under on most lanes of the Perth freeways for some reason. If I take any of our other cars out, you can cruise effortlessly in the right hand lane on the speed limit and over take everyone. Take the GTS out and the speed limit isn't fast enough for everyone else anymore for some reason. People tail gating or wanting to race when you're already going 100 and there's 3 lanes of traffic.

    As for the fuel, I've never had an issue with it going off. Regrettably my last tank took 3-4 months to get thru but I usually don't leave it with a full tank. Anyway, no running issues when I took it out but I certainly wouldn't give it a hard time on fuel that old.

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    [QUOTE=white. Take the GTS out and the speed limit isn't fast enough for everyone else anymore for some reason. People tail gating or wanting to race when you're already going 100 and there's 3 lanes of traffic.

    I just slow a little and make sure I have a cold ❄ chiller and floor it, when they see the back end going sideways at 85kph it quickly releives their enthusiasm…

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    98 fuel life differs...

    BP (the best 98 imo) will be ok up to 10-12 weeks
    ( I use it in the race car) but any longer .. you must add STABIL

    Caltex/Shell/Coles 98.. nope 4 weeks at best and STABIL does not seem to help

    and interestingly, again from using the race car, some of the RON fuel additives
    seem to work better with BP 98 Ultimate than any other brand. Seat of the pants
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    How do you know it goes bad?

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    In my old Brocky I can certainly notice the impact of old fuel, low octane fuel etc.
    It idles terrible & blows black smoke - give it a new tank of BP ultimate - and the POS is happy again.
    In all my other cars (modern EFI) I have never noticed or experienced BP Ultimate going off.
    My cars may sit sometimes for 6 months & not get touched...
    I do use a bottle of Nulon Octane Booster with every fill so I don't know if that makes
    a difference or not??
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    I try to park the car with less than half a tank in it. Before I take her out after no driving for a month, I'll throw a fresh jerry of 98 in the tank before I start it, no issues so far. Never been much longer than a month. I typically use Mobil fuel (7 Eleven/Costco).
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    If mine sits for 3 months or more i go straight to servo and fill her up next time
    Normally shell 98

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    Any car that has 'I can go faster than you' badges is an automatic target for some nut in a lowered 'hot' Hyundai. My WK has Grange on the doors and rear and the HSV logo on the bonnet. Others I have seen do have HSV on the Quarter panels and rear but mine does not. Since most drivers don't know what it is, I rarely get troubled.
    Not saying the rear CB aerial, black leather jacket and black ball cap don't help - perhaps they do.

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