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    Noise from LHR of Gen-F2 GTS (Solved)

    I wrote a saga on this problem, but I decided not to post it, and just post this summary:
    • Noise from LHR sounded like a scraping noise that increased in tempo with road speed. Original dealer, from whom I purchased the GTS, claimed that they "could not hear any noise". Changed dealers.
    • Service manager and mechanic from new dealer, separately went for a drive with me, and heard the noise in question.
    • I suspected that the EPB was not releasing properly and causing the noise, but eventually a dimple (presumably on the rotor) was found to be causing the scraping noise, but another louder noise was still present.
    • Noise continues to get louder. Rear tyres identified as probably being cause of problem. I replaced the rear tyres with Michelin PS04s but the noise was still there.
    • Pinion bearing noise identified, and differential replaced but original noise still there.
    • LHR bearing replaced but noise still there.
    • Despite rear tyres being replaced, the service department from the new dealer wanted to run a test with other rear wheels/tyres, but had to wait until it received a trade-in with compatible sized wheels/tyres that could be used.
    • Eventually an R8 was received with reasonable quality rear tyres and ordinary front tyres. The rear tyres were swapped with my GTS and taken for a drive with a driver, front p***enger and LHR p***enger.
    • Surprising, the driver and front p***enger could hear the noise, but the rear p***enger couldn't hear any noise. The front and rear p***engers swapped seats, (in case the rear p***enger was hard of hearing), but the result was still the same.
    • They then swapped the GTS (original) front tyres with the ordinary ones from the R8 and the noise had disappeared. I was subsequently invited to test drive the GTS with the ordinary front tyres, and verified that the noise was no longer present.
    • Bottom line is that the noise was caused by the original Continental tyres installed on the front of the GTS, which at the time had run some 28k kms, but by measurement were only around half worn.
    • I replaced the front tyres with Michelin PS04s tyres the next week, and could now hear the radio, and the whine from my new differential (damn, shouldn't have mentioned that).
    • I would like to thank the GWS Oakleigh service department staff for their perseverance in fixing my problem.

    The recommendation from this issue is that all HSV VF2 owners, who are in a financial position to do so, should replace their original Continental tyres with something better (Michelin PS4s seems to be the tyre of choice for HSV owners), especially if they are experiencing noise or performance (such as unintended wheelspin) issues.
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    I also had issue recently with 2017 Sen. GWS Holden 5 stars, they could have charge me $1400 as it was caused by a aftermarket part.

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    Wow who would have thought a tyre could produce a scraping sound without rubbing on anything. Hats off to your dealer, good to hear for once.

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    OEM contis are shit with partial wear but probably the reason I picked up some GTS wheels for my SS from a wreck. Definitely the reason for the crash as even with 5+mm left on rears there is no grip.

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    Ha.....The noisy diffs in these F2 LSA's. I'm about to move onto my third.
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    Had three diffs replaced by the dealer on my WK; after getting nowhere, they eventually listened to the tyre agent and changed the front wheel bearings. The rear changed a few months later. No one has to pay for 'warranty' work - just factored into the original selling price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abuch47 View Post
    OEM contis are shit with partial wear ...............

    shit from new....in my experience!
    unbalanceable*, noisy, slippery, tramlining terrible tyres

    * I had 11 wheel balances (done in house by the dealer and also outside by local tyre places) in the first 6 months (8,000km) of ownership of the Clubbie from new. The dealer then refused to do them any more. I rang HSV and Holden and requested tyre replacements as the car was undrivable (it started shaking F&R from about 50kmh and could not be driven over 80kmh.. you could simply NOT hang onto the steering wheel to keep it in a lane. The dealer was told.. keep balancing them so very 2nd Monday i drove into the dealership for a 4 wheel balance. interesting, the weights got replaced every time

    Thankfully by 13-14000km the rears had no grip. Slow 2nd gear takes meant it sat there, just slowing spinning the wheels. No smoke just a zzzing noise. By 18,000 I could not stand it any more, the fronts had very strange wear patterns areas with 4mm of tread next to areas which were bald. I went out and bought a set of Pirelli P Zeros

    Bliss! no noise, they have never been balanced since fitting and 4 years later at 55,000km I replaced the rears as they were evenly down to about 2 mm. The fronts? got 4-5mm of tread, steer straight, do not tramline and don't shake... at any speed! Got another 10,000 in them I reckon.

    I will not have anything to do with Continental ever again

    ps.. I had an argument with whats his name...HSV boss Jackson? at a PI drive day I got an invite to about a year after buying the Clubbie (as part of buying the car) over lunch, I told him they were a disgrace and HSV should replace everyone of them FOC. There were lots of nods from the other participants there...
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