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    Just got an Avalanche ute


    Phil (Dobbo) here

    Just got a new avalanche ute as my ride. [IMG][/IMG]

    Was stoked until I got rear-ended. Am having difficulty trying to source a bumper if anyone knows where I can source a bumper from let me know

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    Have you thought about using a Cross8 rear bumper until an XUV rear comes up for sale?
    I see 2 genuine front bumpers for sale on gumtree so parts are available.
    Good luck
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    Thanks for the suggestion - appreciate it. Was trying to sort this in one hit because I don't think the insurance company will pay twice. A mate has given me his double garage for a while so have it stored there. The Avalanche was spot on for what I wanted - throw my quad on the back, haul the jetski or have a bit of a sprint down the highway.
    I am based in Auckland and Whangarei heads over in NZ. You have a few rides to choose from!

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