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    First Time Owner XU6.......

    So was looking for something to use as a daily, after looking at many VY Calais with blown head gaskets came across a XU6. The longer I own it, the more I love it and the less I want to drive it .

    It’s a S1 VT, special order for HSV in NZ, it’s an imported export........lol. It’s quite unique as it’s one of 3 specially ordered identical cars in Hackett Gold, colour trail cars prior to S2 SV99’s. It has the upgraded brakes and build sheet says Colousons but none fitted. As it came back across the ditch it’s the only S1 XU6 in Oz in Hackett Gold, possibly the only S1 HSV in this colour.....anyone else have one??

    Love this car, it’s not perfect but will only get better with time.

    Bug has bitten and now also have a 98 VT Clubby......
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