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    1/4 mile time for a stock 2011 E3 maloo auto

    Only reasonable anwers please!!!
    Have all friday off real soon and theres a street meet at the local drag strip & planning on running my maloo down the 1/4.
    I am not interested in setting any records or BS pub talk, just be nice to stamp on the right pedal for a bit & not have to worry bout going to jail coz of some 1/2 wit with a tin badge!
    Cheers ( if its really really shiny does that help?

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    Low 13s?

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    High 12's to low 13's, depending on traction.

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    I'd think you might see a low 13 if your lucky but probably mid 13s are more likely. SQP ran 13.36 in their stock VF2 LS3 ute, an E3 would have a little more power but also a bit more weight.

    Be careful, drag racing can be addictive!!!

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