Hi all,

I recently purchased a project car which came with a range of spare parts. I'm looking to sell off a few items in order to help fund putting this car back together again.

First item is a VT HSV Level 3 dash cluster. It looks pretty mint. I can't get the photos to upload here, but happy to send them via email if anyone is interested.

It's the 250kmh speedo, background is a nice mid-blue colour, with 'HSV' logo.
On the rear are 2 factory stickers, as follows:

Sticker 1 - GM PART NO: 92105945 SW 990609A 19/06/02 08:04 512 HW 01 EE 36 CI 04

Sticker 2 - GM LEVEL 3hsvP1 13078

In pink texta (I ***ume from a dismantler) is 70,493k (indicating low kms), and also A5768 (no ideas on this one).

It appears to be in excellent condition overall, but without a VT of my own, I haven't been able to plug it in. (My project car is a VR, and I also have a couple of VS's).

Is anyone able to advise a ballpark price for what this is worth in the current market?
Any expressions of interest here? I'd much rather sell here than having to go to Ebay.

Many thanks,