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Thread: Replica Market

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
    I'll just clarify my own view on a couple of points, on what I consider a "replica".
    If we're talking putting a later model engine/driveline etc in, say an LS into VC-VL, Toranas etc,...yep, great idea, all for it, but I wouldn't call them replicas.
    A "Replica" IMHO anyway, is a car where someone builds a "replica" to make it look exactly like, or as close to as possible as the original,...say buying a VK Berlina, stripping it, & building a VK Group A with 4.9 engine, M21, Scheel seating etc, so the finished product will look & drive (maybe better?!) than the original. That is what I call a "Replica", and there are some very good ones about, fetching pretty big dollars, but I wouldn't want one.
    Just my thoughts, Pickles.
    Totally agree

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    The darkest side of the replica world, is of course tricking people that it's the real thing. This has landed in both local and international courts. Some of these replicas date well back into last century when rebirthing cars in the 80s and 90s was much more lax, and perhaps less to gain when genuine cars had low values. Some of these cars have progressed further into club level acceptance as the real thing. With values to me in bubble territory, check carefully that the real thing is the real thing. In some ways being told up front it is fake does actually give ***urance.

    Another tough era to sort out is the Brock post break up with Holden era cars. Some of these VLs with unique touches, were due to Brock's post break up lack of resources. Some with HDT body kits, and badges (HDT improved), are tricky indeed. A VL BT1 is probably easier to confirm, than many of these cars.

    I don't believe any car does well not being driven fortnightly especially carby cars. Origanal cars can die from kindness.
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    I wouldn't PI55 on a replica if it was on fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VIP-427 View Post
    I wouldn't PI55 on a replica if it was on fire.
    And mate, with your record, you are absolutely the most appropriate person to comment,....you have always demonstrated 100% commitment to factory,.....and then some.
    Can't wait for the finalization of your latest`project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VIP-427 View Post
    I wouldn't PI55 on a replica if it was on fire.

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    My opinion is people build replica's to make money. They're trying to cash in on the real deal pricing.
    These people have no respect for the original cars heritage & history etc....
    My biggest gripe however is how many "genuine" cars have been stolen & stripped to provide
    the parts for the replica??
    I wouldn't touch one for that reason.........
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    Thats a pretty narrow view. Not all replica builders are in it to make money.
    Some respect the original cars enough to actually build a replica so they can modify their car without destroying an original.
    Some build them because they cant afford the real deal. Lets face it there wasnt a shortage of genuine parts back in the 90s without original cars being stolen to provide them.
    And yes today more people build them to cash in but that's not every one.

    I admire a person who builds their dream car over years and years of outright dedication. If they cant afford the real deal but are prepared to build their own then i say enjoy it. No need to go without because of some greedy original owners forcing prices up.
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    I'm not into straight replicas myself but I do think that partial replicas have their place. By that I mean a replica that has modifications that you would never do to an original because you would ruin it. For example Walkinshaw VLs with LS engines, tubs and leather interiors etc.

    I think this helps preserve the originals as long as there's no tricky business going on.

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    I have a HQ that will be an SS clone externally when finished, why? because I like how that car looks but since I intend to modify the driveline and other areas significantly I would rather do that to a Belmont and leave the originals for someone to restore back to original because I can respect the heritage.

    On the cost of replicas I was tossing around the idea of buying a VK to set up as a cruiser and am absolutely dumbfounded that a coat of blue paint, 3 pieces of fibregl*** and a sticker kit some how apparently adds 10-15k to the (asking) price of any old clapped out 6 pot VK when compared to other VKs of the same condition but different colour, that in my opinion is BS.

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    Seems like the problem here isn't the actual 'making of a replica,' but more of those profiting (or trying to) of the creation.

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