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    New detailing products to try.

    Hello everyone, has been a while since I wrote the detailing products basics thread so I thought I'd showcase a few new products for you guys to try. 2018 was a really good year for detailing products coming to Australia, as we usually have to wait months/years to get certain brands/products.

    P&S Beadmaker - This is a short-term sealant, that works really well over durable sealants and coatings as well as stand-alone. Application is a breeze with two plush microfiber towels just liberally spray over the entire panel and I mean liberally get that thing just about dripping off and then work it in for 30-60s, if you're in humid conditions (say above 60%) spray most of the product into your towel rather than the panel, and then follow up with your second towel and go over the area. Once you go past with your second towel you will be amazed at the slickness, it is like nothing else out there. You do tend to use a lot of product, but it's relatively well priced - 1gal = $60, but this is a must try product! I bought this from carcareco.com.au

    CarPro Ech2o - This is a waterless wash but I don't really actually use it for that purpose, instead this has made quick-detailer completely obsolete. You can clean EXTERIOR gla-ss on a 40'c day in direct sunlight 100% streak free, which no other gla-ss cleaner I have tried can, with its lubricity you can quite safely clean door/trunk jambs, quick run over of everything painted/trim in your engine bay which no quick-detailer can. It leaves a really nice gloss behind, especially on gla-ss, and has very decent beading properties where after a fresh application I don't have to use my wipers above 45kmh. Best ratio I've found is 1:15, and at that rate will last you a really long time, you can buy this from Waxit.com.au for $21 in a 500ml concentrate bottle. A streak free finish is achieved when mixed with distilled water not tap water fyi.

    P&S Brake Buster - This is a non-acidic wheel cleaner which is well priced, I personally use this now and if you're wheels and calipers are ceramic coated you'll typically be able to do a spray n' rinse application which saves a lot of time. This isn't your typical colour-changing deal that most companies are making, and most people use, and while there's nothing wrong with that those products are generally quite a bit more expensive; so if you're wanting to find something cheaper that works really well try this out. $50 1gal at carcareco.com.au currently on sale for $39 15/3/19.

    CarPro Elixir - This is another quick detailer/sealant product, the basis of this was actually made by a customer of CarPro who mixed CarPro Reload and Ech2o and then wrote about it on their forums. The result down the line was CarPro made their own batch of it and made it better, and in simple form it has the ease of use of Ech2o but the durability of Reload. 500ml bottle from Waxit.com.au $27.25.

    CarPro Multi X - This is a very strong APC, I currently use this in a 15:1 mix for engine bays, suspension components, tyres etc. Most of the time when I clean tyres one pas s with a regular APC will get it fairly clean but won't get everything, a second pas s will get close to 90% but still leaves something behind, this takes care of that. Be careful when using on sensitive surfaces like interior leather which I would definitely refrain from, just use a weaker APC but if you have nothing left do a 60:1 or higher ratio and test it first. 500ml bottle from Waxit.com.au $24.45.

    Concours Clarity - This is an oil remover/paint prep which is used before you apply a coating or any paint protection really, or to remove polishing oils to check your work. It works great for that, but this product has completely replaced gla-ss cleaner in my arsenal, it's cheap, serves many purposes, and it can be used in direct sunlight in 40'c heat for interior gla-ss. 4L from Waxit.com.au $60, currently on sale with a Kwazar sprayer for $65 15/3/19.

    The Rag Company Towels - These are the best towels you'll ever buy! I have replaced my entire towel set with these Korean-made plush boys, I will list my most used but they have quite a few other towels for you to check out. Sold by carcareco.com.au :

    Eagle Edgeless 500 - This is the updated version that made them world famous for microfiber many years ago. A very soft, plush 500gsm towel and is my personal last touch towel meaning it only ever touches a car that has been thoroughly cleaned, I use two of them to apply P&S Beadmaker which is a match made in heaven. Very expensive so look after them, washed separately. $10 ea or $47 in a 5-pack, come in 4 different colours.

    Eagle Edgeless 350 - Exactly the same as the eagle 500, but a lighter weight coming in at 350gsm for those who don't like them too plush. $9 ea or $42 in a 5-pack, they come in purple.

    Platinum Pluffle - This is a mix between a waffle-weave towel and the eagle edgeless plush material. It can absorb up to 11x its weight which makes it very good as a drying towel. It wont dry as quickly as the Concours Tempest on a car with no paint protection, so best used on cars that are waxed/sealed/coated. She comes in 3 sizes, the best for drying an entire car being 50cmx100cm, the 16x16" size works really well for smaller jobs like door jambs. 16x16" is $10, 50x100cm is $30.

    The Black/Blue Diamond - This is a very short nap gla-ss towel which has a diamond pattern in its nap. Some people do not like these types of towels as they can be very grabby on gla-ss, the diamond pattern has pretty much solved this so long as when you use it the towel is completely saturated in cleaner, if you use it slightly dry it will begin to grab. I personally use this on the interior gla-ss and it does a really good job at cleaning. 16x16" $5, 16x24" $7.75.

    Spectrum 420 - This is a dual-pile towel meaning it has a plush and short side. This is still a really high quality towel for their lower end products and I personally use this as my wheel towel. $5.45.

    Edgeless 300 - This is a really high quality cheap towel but not to be confused with their top towel range the eagle, it comes in a 10-pack in two different colours and weighs in at 300gsm which is perfect for interiors and polishing. I personally use blue for paint, and yellow for interior. 1 towel $3, 10-pack $26.55

    Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL - This is an extremely high quality wash pad, it is larger than most mitts you might be used to and does not have a space for your hand, but as long as you're careful not to drop it it will provide the safest wash as it provides a lot of soft material between you and the panel. I personally find this to be the best wash pad as it has the perfect blend of size and weight, some wash pads can get very heavy when soiled with water and just makes your wash process unnecessarily hard. $40 from Primefinish.com.au
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    Great write up, thanks!

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