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    PBR Brake Calipers - VN VP VR VS?

    Hey guys,

    Clearing out some space in the garage, trying to move these calipers. 2 complete fronts, with EBC Red Stuff pads, maybe 60-70% meat on them. They are a PBR caliper that I think was used on the HSV VN, VP, VR & VS cars? They would've done no more than about 10,000kms. They take a Bendix DB1353 pad: https://www.bendix.com.au/manufactur...%20Disc#DB1353

    Last time they were used, was about 2006? On a Mitsubishi FTO with a 330mm rotor (not included), at a track day at Oran Park of all places. Which of course is now a bloody suburb. One of the piston seals is split, it's also missing a circlip on one of the lock pins, so would suit a rebuild kit put through them.

    Asking $150 bucks firm. Happy to post.

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    Do you have the factory holden brackets to adapt them?

    Matt Pearce
    Race Brakes Sydney
    PH 02 9609 1101

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    Afraid not, what you see is it.

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