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    We managed 10 runs, it's been five years and that showed trying to line up the Christmas tree was interesting.
    I completely over shot the start on the first run.
    We got down to 11.79 at 193kmph with my son driving, I was running 11.8 at 196kmph.
    We ended up starting in Sports mode (the old tour mode) and normal shift, first gear start.
    I dropped the rears from 38 to 32 (conti 295N), whilst the track was good we seem to stay on the start
    for a long time, I think it was not so much spinning and traction control coming on, more me.
    I was struggling with the double peddle and upping the rpm and never once tried to build on the rpm, (only
    use 70 percent off the line). I'm sure the car has around 11.4 with a good start in it.

    Of interest I was beating a few cars that had huge traction problems and a stinger (stock?) was running
    13.4 and an AMG63 (stock, I doubt it?) was also running a constant 11.4 with a very good start.

    Total cost for two drivers $60 (half price) and very easy to sign in and line up. I tried one burn out and seemed to be
    lining up the concrete divider, and it did nothing for my time.

    Great to also see a great mix of cars from new euros to corvettes and old Aussie muscle cars.

    In ending the car ran perfect, sounded great. One of Active Automotives cars ran an 8 second p*** with a quick blip off the throttle, the black Monaro must run close to sub 8 with full power down the full 400m. (Edit does run mid 7's)

    Cheers a very happy GTSR that really sounds like a blown V8.
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