cheers, all this now makes the 1/4 mile so much more interesting and challenging with what I have now I can see a sub 11.3.
At 25psi on the first two runs with MT,'s on, I backed off, the car felt like it had an extra 150kws, I went from the grange to gts, the MT's felt like double that!
Odd that when I launched sideways and powered OFF, that was my only 199 trap speed, the 11.50 was 189. So many options now with rpm psi power. I also turned the car off, and a few times did not have enough time to idle the car long enough to get the AIT2 down, it does drop fast thought with the: 16 hoses, 12L tank and chiller with the fans on full at idle, air temp was in the 30's AIT1 was around 60 in the line up.