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Thread: Cam Selection

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    Cam Selection

    Another cam selection topic

    I have a 07 VE GTS LS2 manual.

    Only mod is a full Xforce 3 inch exhaust including headers and OTR.

    Car is driven only on weekends is lucky to do 2000 km a year.

    I want something with a lopey idle max HP with minimal loss of torque down low.

    My tuner is a great tuner who is a VCM dealer, he recommends a VCM 7.

    VCM recommend a VCM 710 which is same as the 7 but with a tighter lobe seperation which should increase torque.

    Are the above cams to big for street use?

    My tuner says the 7 will be ok

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    My brother went with a vcm 883, has great sounding idle and instant power from idle, I have a 600kw VF GTS and he isnt far behind me when we drag......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfnturf View Post
    My brother went with a vcm 883, has great sounding idle and instant power from idle, I have a 600kw VF GTS and he isnt far behind me when we drag......
    That was my tuners second option if I want something a little more behaved when cruising at 1500rpm

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    Max HP, lopey idle and no torque loss? So you essentially want the unicorn of camshafts! lol

    Anyway, with standard diff gears, the 232/234 cams will be doughy down low. It may be fine in a weekender but given your "no torque loss" criteria, I think it may be on the big side. I would try and drive one first if you can. Shouldn't be hard to find, it's been a popular cam for many years.

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    As you are manual. Even when I had a manual Monaro std 3.46k diff. I was glad I went with a 216/223 but high lift 0.625, with Higgens 799 heads, heads mitigate over camming a bit. I found even a small cam had lope, higher idle and fuel consumption. I would always get a cam if LS Motor modding, not sure if the biggest is better.

    I would drive the car as if it had a cam and look at the rpm range you are in, log it, even on a note pad, (or put shorter diff gears in first to know your major rpm range) much more control I think in manual especially 6 speed. If you live in car hell - Melbourne or Sydney, much of your life will be in grid lock with the air con on. Even on the weekend. Then speak to engine builder tuner about it. Like exhausts one man's rubbish is another's beaut choice.

    A cam is more than that, think about your final valve train, valve springs, retainers, rocker system, push rod length stiffness. And even diff gear ratio. A cam without the rest right will also let you down hard. These may have to be put right again if mucked.

    I think LS motors are under cammed for emissions, world peace etc. Even in racing smaller cam, stock cam guys might beat you.
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    Have a talk to Bob Cook at Cam Motion in the States. Fill out a comprehensive Cam form it will be well worth your while. I have a new custom Cam recommended by Bob in a 416 stroker 224/236 and it smashes the previous Cam 233/249.

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