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    last year holden had new car and killed it Adelaide, everyone alse winged about the carbon fiber roof so all fords swapped to the carbon roof and from then it was pretty close all year, this year mustang is killing it... just waiting for parity to get a bit closer ive noticed some extra downforce at the back of the boot on the mustangs the actual boot lid under the wing has a curve to it like a smaller wing but all other cars have a straight flat off the back, thats also why the mustang hasnt needed as much rear wing as the rest of the field, if it stays as is then its a mustang year 100%

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    Love my Supercars.....I'm not sure there's a "parity" issue.
    There are only two "TOP" Teams aren't there?, there's 888 & there's Penske. 888's had the "edge" for years, just like the old "Red" HRT used to, and everybody said they had an "advantage". Now we've got Penske, they're bloody good, they've got the best engineers, the best back up, and the best facilities,....so they're winning,....Roland won't like that, so He'll do "something"!
    The team I do feel sorry for is Kelly Racing, they've tried their heart out, do ALL of their work "in house", and have been held back by a poor engine.

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    I think there is a parity issue Pickles. triple888 have 2 top drivers, penske 1 top and 1 close to. The teams were neck and neck throughout the yr. This year you have a muppet like waters in the top 4 who finished last yr mid pack and Davison mid pack last yr in top 4 also. then you have this weekends racing, Scott broke lap record in practice, was a second clear of triple888 guys. 4 mustangs in top 4.... The test will be next round at Symonds plains, if the mustangs do what they did in Adelaide there ,Game Over Holdens

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    ryan walky seemed to be pushing hard for the camaro to be in next season.

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    There may be parity issues but the engineering prowess that Ford themselves have thrown at the Mustang to get the thing righ is next level and was blatantly obvious in the Pit Garages in Adelaide .... I think 888 have been left at tad behind with development of the ch***is and it shows .... watch the car balance of all front runners today and you may get to see what I'm on about .... especially BJR ....

    Bite off more than you can chew .... then chew like hell to you've eaten it!

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    I’m lead to believe there was some testing of cars today at Nissan headquarters. C of g testing apparently by Supercars.

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