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    Quote Originally Posted by Mzsammi View Post
    Living in a remote town doesnít help.
    That's the problem, come to the big smoke!

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    Lol when we leave itís back to Melbourne
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
    Great info there, I had no idea there were so many tracks.
    Can you say a bit more about what you drove,....car, engine, power, driveline, length of race etc?
    Hey pickles , I had a vs & Ve , ran 2 cars. I was the 1st to get a Ve motor sport pack from holden. Just a shell and panels, from Adelaide it went to qld and had NASCAR roll cage put in . It went to 3 cage places and 2 fibregl*** shops to copy guards and cage.
    The bonnet, front guards, no doors as such , just a panel which covered front and rear doors, boot, were fibregl***
    Once home got hubs from wreckers and then made all control arms out of aluminium tube and hym joints, fully adjustable. Drilled out centre of bolts to save weight. Only control arm from original used was top rear.
    Fully adjustable shocks bilstein . Its all about suspension set up, youd start 1st heat unit would be as slippery as ice then as the meet went on it get drier , most tracks would go black in the final, constantly changing springs, screwing coil overs to transfer weight, changing tyres from softs thru medium then hard . Used a steering reductions box so half turn of the wheel to full lock, and full lock had way more steering angle than standard. 40L plastic fuel tank
    Had a 9inch made ,was locked, ran standard v6 gearbox . You wouldn't blow box because you geared the 9inch so you could run 1:1 thru gearbox ,4th gear. Super small tilton triple plate button clutch.had flywheel made super light , revs would jump so quick when u gave it a blip
    Engines are fully built v6 alloy tech , solid lifters , huge cam, would rev to 9500rpm Had to use standard intake and throttle body 225rwkw, the TB and intake really starved the engine, with better TB and intake these engine will go 320-360rwkw
    Inside car had alloy seat , radiator in rear ,small alloy dash total weight of Ve with me in it 1337kg The VS was the same except ran an ecotech v6 and the VS only weighed 960kg with me in it
    You do 3 heats and a final . Heats 10-12 laps , final 30-40 laps reason I gave it away because it costs heaps and you get about 12-15 minutes a meet behind the wheel actually racing. We would have a few 200lap races, they were open to all cl***es

    I 1st started racing crash and bash. That was fun , you were allowed to take people out,spin them into the wall, just run up there *** flat out, i hit a gemini that hard the rear wheels touched the front wheels lol, you used to be able to have 4 ppl in car and youd throw eggs and flour at competitors, decided bit dangerous so then it went to driver and p***enger only. Youd bang heavy steel tube up the rails , make em super strong, i ran a VN with ecotech race engine.
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    Unreal, you definitely were right into it, must have cost a few dollars!
    Thanks for posting. Pickles.

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