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Thread: Camaro arrives!

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    Andrew, your decision which car to take on your "road trip".
    Of course you'd like to take the GTSR, BUT, can you take the stress of adverse weather, stone chips, all sorts of things that could crop up in such a trip, & how they may "affect" your GTSR.
    If you're not worried any of that, well then take the GTSR.

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    Dec 2008
    Take the GTSR. They look good on the highway.
    Dont worry about km just look after it.
    I was impressed when i saw an HSV W1 in Tennant Creek NT used as a daily. Enjoy
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    Also found this to be an interesting read, had not heard any rumours of the 750kW Exorcist being imported until now. Looks like KPM are going to be bringing a few in. No word on who is doing the conversion, if they're using HSV or another company that has previously been doing them. Still cheaper than a "used" W1.


    A bit of talk on the aftermarket packages with most of the usual suspects in there.

    Also a bit of info on the different/new LT engines for those not aware. 11.5:1 comp in the LT1 likely won't allow a huge amount of boost. 6psi would be a nice kick in the pants.

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