Just giving forum members first dibs before posting on Carsales. OK I am jumping the bandwagon.

Sting red. Always garaged so looks fabulous.


6 speed auto with reprogrammed box to suit engine mods and a more sporting driving style.

Nice mods include Higgins heads; cam; VCM OTR; 4-->1 Headers; 2/5inch stainless exhaust. I may be biased but this is the best sounding exhaust note I have ever heard on an HSV. King springs; Bilsteins B8s.
New Kumhos all around.

Serviced every 6 months. Goes as well as ever, still nice and tight. Just hit 100,000k

IMO this model and colour is the best looking of the HSVs.

Situated in Newcastle.

30k and it is yours. pm if interested.