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    Which GTS to keep?

    Well I bought myself a 2015 VF GTS to replace my 2008 VE GTS (both are somewhat enhanced). Trouble is, now I'm finding it hard to let go of the VE. Just hit 100k and drives better than ever. Has anyone else been in this spot? If so - how did you resolve the issue?

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    Sell the VE, the VF is a far better car!
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    Im with Evil on this one... no offence meant, but the VF is far superior car in every aspect... and ive owned both.

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    I owned both,kept the VF and bought a Jeep for off road adventures,GTS is my track car.......

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    TY Guys. That was my plan to start with but the VE is running so well atm lol. No doubt because I have readied it for sale with new tyres and a good detail. There is nothing at all wrong with the VF. I just have to get used to it. And of course common sense says it is expensive to keep more cars than I need. So - I will bite the bullet and put my beloved VE up for sale. Best car I've ever had - and the exhaust note is to die for lol. Though a couple of people not on this forum have told me I should keep the VF as a Weekend Special. . . err, no. It has to go!

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    I had the same problem when having to decide what to do with my VZ R8 after purchasing my GTS. Initially I decided to keep it for prosperity but after having the R8 sitting in the shed for over 12 months gathering dust.....I decided to sell it. I was fortunate in that I sold it to a young guy I know and has looked after it super well.


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    I understand the opinion the VF is a better car, as I drive a VF Storm ute for work, but for mind you keep the car that you enjoy the most & that doesn't always mean the better mechanical/electronics package. I own the very last of the VE R8 bought it when the VF model was released (2013) & sales rep really tried hard to sell me the VF, the reason I bought the VE was simply I really like the body shape, I can sit down with a beer at stare at it all day. I also enjoy the way it drives not as refined as the VF, if you wanted to label it compared to the VF the drive is more a raw mechanical feel & again me like. I don't drive it much only has 25K on the clock because with work & also owning a BMW S1000RR seat time is limited, but when I do drive it there is always a smile. My advise keep what floats your boat the most.

    On saying above I would upgrade to GTSR except I live in Sydney & could drive around in a smart car & never hit the rev limiter with the constant traffic, so zero point for me to upgrade for the odd trip away with the wife when I do drive the R8.
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    Im in the exact same situation. I have a series 3 clubby wagon and a lsa wagon. I love the new one but they only came in auto and my 2010 wagon is manual and i love it. I was all about selling it untill someone came to look at it. Now i dont know what to do.

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