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    was Coupe 4 handling any good?

    The semi-trailing arm (of Opel V platform) is generally considered poor-man's IRS. Now I came across a claim the toe changes
    of the semi-trailing arm actually goes well with AWD.
    Now I can't think of many cars with both AWD and semi-trailing arms. The Ford Sierra had AWD option, that's the only one I can recall.

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    I think it was Ok.
    It was a bit lacking in power, should have been built with an LS2.
    But with AWD, it's handling on a wet road was much superior to any RWD HSV offering. Skaife did some testing around twisty & curvy stuff & found the Coupe 4 much quicker.....and in the wet, there was a BIG difference.
    I had a ride in HSV105's Coupe 4,...modified just a "little bit"!!...we took off from a standing start, I had the front window open, & we had smoke coming in,....off the FRONT tires!
    Gotta remember Coupe 4 was a relatively big car, so it ain't gonna handle like an Evo!
    Good Coupe 4s are hard to find, and they could, IMHO, end up being one of the most collectible HSVs

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    Iím on the hunt for a coupe four. I was lucky enough to work in dealerships when they were new. I never drive one in anger but I remember them being a good thing just underpowered. I love the fact that little old hsv created something very unique thatís why Iím on the hunt for a virgin coupe four but Iím not prepared to pay 80k for one. I remover when they were new HSV were planning a w**** model range of AWD cars ie avalanche but then SUV came out and everyone had to have a SUV.

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