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    Quote Originally Posted by NZ EVLHSV View Post
    Ok, I pulled off 50% worn factory fitted Conti's at around 15,000kms. Went with the PS4S because of good reviews and good experiences with Michelin on previous cars. They are quieter than the Conti's, wet and dry grip is 100% better than the Conti's and price is similar? Don't know, I didn't really focus too much on price. I went 285 on the rears for two reasons, to fill the guards better and to reduce the stretch the factory fitment has on the rear - ie the rear rim is 25mm wider than the front rim, while the factory rear tyre is only 20mm wider than the front tyre, and it is noticeably more stretched looking than the front
    Awesome man, exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks mate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rodders188 View Post
    I had some Hankook ventus evo2, pretty decent.
    Very quiet, great grip, and great pricr
    Iíll second these. Just put them on and was very surprised by the grip but more so with the lack of noise in the cabin. Really quiet on the highway. Not to mention the $$$ savings.
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