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Thread: Ride height

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    Quote Originally Posted by NU13 View Post
    Many would disagree.
    And many would be wrong

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    After owning about 5 with just springs and 5 with Coilovers Id say I agree with Craze

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    Quote Originally Posted by craze View Post
    And many would be wrong
    According to you. I disagree

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    I've lowered all my cars, except the tourer (yet) and agree too. Springs and shocks need to be in tune. Changing springs without changing the valving of the shocks isn't ideal. You might 'think' or 'feel' it handles better but it simply not as good as it would if your had a professionally designed and calibrated combo. I suspect many 'lowered' cars probably handle worse than stock, but they look good...and sometimes that's all thar matters.

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