My Non-GTS ie my daily drive SV6 with 70k is causing me an issue, which no-one on the Holden Forum can ***ist with so hoping maybe someone here can.
Climate control randomly switches between external temp and climate control settings (several times / hour). Then one afternoon when increasing heater temp, alternator light came on, auto lamps off (despite lights being turned to on - not auto) but I lost headlights, traction control fault' all flashed up. Had alternator replaced. Intermittent climate control still happening and heater is warm in the morning, not in the afternoon. Then when turning car on fan went straight to 20 and I couldn't turn it down. Turned car off, twice, eventually after constant pressing on fan switch it resolved. I think I have some sort of issue with heating system and also climate control display (is this possible). Anyone know what could be the cause, or have a good sparky I can contact? Have a new battery/alternator so not the issue. Could it be BCM?