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    I would be surprised if he hasn't locked the tune, I'm pretty sure he always used to, going by a couple of guys I know that used him in the past. Can see your new tuner and see if they can access it, if not then you'll have to speak to Oztrack and see if they'll unlock it. Some will just unlock it, others will unlock it but flash a standard tune back in and the really difficult ones will refuse to do anything which leaves you needing to get the whole thing wiped which can be a pain.

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    Spoke with them today and it is locked. He said there happy to unlock it but then it has to go back to the stock tune or if I want they will tune it after the nitrous is installed so think I will just do that, considering it's there cam etc and they know about the motor.

    Seems to be running a bit rich anyway as it's guzzling about 16 liters on highway driving to Goulburn and back.
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