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    Trouble identifying a suitable shock replacement

    Just bought my first HSV. There is a rattle from the front left when running over surfaces except for flat virgin tarmac The issue, I thought might be fixed by replacing the front left sway bar link whose rubber bushes had perished, but no luck.

    It sounds like the front left shock is not well and I am having trouble finding a like for like replacement and wonder if anyone can help.

    All the shocks on the car are a blue colour and from the stamp on the front left one, appear to be by monroe:

    The part number on it is: 03F-000601.

    The rear one is:

    The part number on it is: 04E-010601.

    Can anyone guide me as to what might be suitable as a direct replacement - I am not looking to upgrade/change the ride height or shock characteristics. The car is stock standard and I would like, if I can, to keep it so.

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    They were made for HSV by Monroe. You won't get original blue ones unless you find some NOS lying around somewhere. You can put replacement Monroe's in but they're cheap rubbish to be honest. I don't think the aftermarket replacements ride as well as the originals, I would just put decent suspension in it and keep them on the shelf if you ever want to sell it as 100% original.

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    Original HSV shocks by Monroe were same as Monroe GT Gas not the later GT Sports.
    IMHO the GT Gas is a better shock than the GT Sport.
    The GT Sport has really soft bounce made for use with quite stiff springs to make them feel a little softer going over sharp bumps.
    The GT gas has a stiffer bounce and similar rebound to the Sport.

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    Bilstein shocks are fantastic
    Lifetime warranty vs monroes limited warranty

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    Thanks for the information so far. I like the idea of putting them on the shelf to sell as original but the right rear is leaking...

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    I tried a few cheap and medium range brands when I replaced my original shocks, all gave a harsh ride combined with tyre choice at the time. I then tried KYB's and have been far better than anything before I was trying, and they are cheap.

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    kyb, sach, boge all good, wont break the bank

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    I just replaced all my shocks in the 20040 VZ clubsport,
    they were all RED original HSV monroe shocks (14yo), as people said they are not available any more.
    I went will Sachs as I can get them cheap $100 each.
    You will need top bearing for the front as this is will be shot also.
    Be aware my VZ HSV required VY front shocks as this is what they used from factory, the sway bar link was the reason for this.

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