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    Exclamation WTB- Trying to find any sized VX GTS Chrome MIRROR FINISHED Rims

    As my ad reads i'm trying to find any sized set of VX GTS Chrome MIRROR FINISHED Rims. Iv got 4 x 18" non genuines (IB Racing)

    I'm having no luck at all getting these repaired. I've tried 20 Mag Repairers. Soon as i show them the Rims & what they are painted with, NO is all i get.

    Iv since found out its illegal to coat rims like this now. And finding someone who'd repair them is a needle in haystack.

    So im looking to buy any other Mirror Finish Chrome Rim set. Genuines would be fantastic but ill settle with Non Gen.

    Oh and anyone know the best products to use on them to polish up the shine more?

    Pictured is 1 of my 18's


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    They were never available in chrome genuine. Shadow chrome and 19"s

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    Thanx. Not sure on history of mags as only had them 4 months. I just know i love them and id like to see if any others out there have them & will sell. Or possibly repair mine...

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