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    vz hsv gto coupe ecm linking to BCM - PIM

    HI , being a hsv is it possible to re- link an ecm other than a hsv dealer . Especially with the immobiliser and ESS security Thanks .

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    From the information I have, it suggests this is all possible with a tech 2. I have never done it though.
    I was going to include a screenshot from the workshop manual, but it's all too hard on this forum. PM me your email address and I will send it to you.

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    From what ive been told if you replace a ECM with a second hand unit out of another vehicle ( same service no ) it will not be able to be used because it needs to be reset in donor vehicle before removal using its 4 digit security code to reset then you can use it . Ive been told also you cannot reset a second hand unit in the vehicle you want to use it for . If this is true please correct me if I'm wrong .
    My second question help required , resetting ECU . If I have purchased same ecu/pim/ bcm/ess module / key remote from another vehicle with same service no and installed these items to my vehicle would I be able to reset the ecm now and then remove the items but only keep the ecm .

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