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    There are a few doing the sprints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikhail View Post
    There are a few doing the sprints.
    me out front here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikhail View Post
    There are a few doing the sprints.

    had to wait 5 minutes to write this cause I was laughing so much !!!! GOLD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
    if any clown in the GM (or Holden) marketing dept has half a brain
    they will realise that they need something in motorsport that matches the Muzzy
    which to me says .. Camaro

    The various versions that have raced previously in this country are as well regarded
    as Moffats Mustang

    oh for these days ....


    I'd love to see Camaro's, who wouldn't but it would be nice to see a 4 door V8 though too and the Cadillac would be the ideal choice if that were the case
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    An article I read said the roof height was too low to meet current rules, hopefully the profile isn't compromised.

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    Well they had better up date the rules if they want to keep the series otherwise it will be the "Holden V8 Supercars"

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