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    vz gto ls2 linking second hand ecm ?

    hi , have purchased a second hand e40ecm that I will be replacing over original and am asking what is the correct
    way to change.
    have all the security codes from my vehicle but this ecm I have purchased does not have its vin available or any other security codes . what would be my option to install thanks.

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    getting desperate , any help much appreciated .

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    Have you tried HSV directly ? Surely they can get into it to find the original codes.
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    Usually if your not a dealer they will not communicate with you for very long .

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    I think you might be out of luck and need a ecm with a known VIN.
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    Is it possible to plug the ecm in, and then hook up a tech2 to try and read the data on the ecm?
    Or won't it communicate at all like that?

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