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    I emailed HSV late this afternoon, will see what they have to say. Live to Ride, what state you in? I don’t mind paying for the labour or even a portion of the parts but I don’t think the full whack is fair.

    If HSV don’t come to the party, I’ll head back to the dealer where I purchased it new.

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    Similar issue with the E3 binnacle gauges and faulty LED soldering. As soon as warranty was up HSV and the dealers wanted nothing to do with it unless you were handing over $800. You would think that a failing non consumable part would be covered if it is a known fault/issue with the part. Just looking on American forums for the VE/VF cars and the amount of recalls they get, yet you never see them here.

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    I'm in NSW. I was extremely impressed that they came to the party and helped me out. If i had continued to get my car serviced at said dealership and maintained an ongoing relationship I would understand the dealer helping me out but in the 6 years of ownership the car has gone back to them once and that was to have the power steering recall done and that was when i raised the issue of the lights.

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