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Thread: HSV Camaro

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    Quote Originally Posted by richo7502000 View Post
    I think a Camaro with the Great engineering that HSV will perform to make a RHD from the LHD car they bring in would be worthy of a HSV build plate for sure, and therefore worthy of HSVOC membership!!.

    They are likely doing more changes to the Camaro than what they did to a VF GTS in reality so why not??

    I loved seeing the MY18 Camaro's the other day at the HSV factory, beautiful cars and I would certainly love one!
    Not as practical as a 4 door Commodore was but what an awesome car all the same, sexy as hell and a great looking interior.
    I looked at Mustangs before my current car, and this Camaro kills the Mustangs for better build quality and materials used!!.

    Its just a whole new world, I guess like when Kingswood was replaced by that strange looking "Euro" VB commodore back in 1978.
    Absolutely spot on in all counts Richo.
    How good is the stuff HSV is doing on Camaro & Silverado?.....unreal I reckon,....those cars will be absolutely welcome in Dealers' showrooms,.....the Silverado is that big, I reckon some Dealers will need a bigger showroom! Lovely interior in Camaro too I thought.
    And I agree with you that as these cars will have an HSV plate on them, it's a no-brainer that they qualify for HSVOC inclusion.
    I was well & trully blown away by Walkinshaw Park,....I think we all were?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenF-GTS View Post
    Bring on 2020 ZL1 Camaro LT5 755HP factory RHD from Chevrolet
    Thatís what Iím holding out for.
    Iím waiting for 2021 mid engine corvette I just canít wait

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