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    VY/VZ 6 Speed gear knob is it possible to get reulphostered?

    Hey guys very curious as to whether a VY/VZ gear knob can be reupholstered. Does the leather separate easily from the silver top/front? Ive found after market varients with red and black leather but obviously theyre made that way from factory. Has anyone ever tried pullying the leather off? Is it glued on? Clipped on? How do you do it without breaking the knob

    I converted my senator to a 6 speed and have a black knob but ive seen a seller hpwrecking is selling a gear knob and boot for $500 but thats a little rich they said they had it custom made, i doubt it would cost anywhere near that to have a little piece of leather made up considering a w**** vy senator interior is $1500 retrimmed

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    Gary west motor trimming does them.

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