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    Hi All,

    At the risk of being severely flamed, I’m considering putting slimline weathershields and mudflaps on the Senator. The main reasons being that I like to drive with the window down and I hate the wind blowing straight in my face and the mudflaps will stop all the shit being splashed up onto the body and under the wheel arches.

    Has anybody else on here added these, or is it just not the done thing ..?

    Interested to hear all responses, cheers

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    I don't think mudflaps are an option on a HSV. I ordered my E3 Clubby with them as it used to see unsealed roads quite often, but then got it credited back to me as they were not available with the HSVs side skirts and rear bumper shape. Matbe diferent on Gen Fs though.

    Weathershields would be standard Holden fitment and plenty available on eBay. I'm thinking of them for my VF SV6, but I won't put them on my HSV.
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    Considered the weather shields a few times myself, just havenít pulled the pin

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    We fit a few mudflaps here. The standard VF mudflap fit the rear part number 92267788 , and use Repco part number HT261P for the front. HSV have never made a mudflap as far as I know.

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    I have the weather shields fitted and also a black bonnet protector which was on the car when I bought it. Don't even notice the weather shields and bonnet protector grew on me, breaks up the white of the car nicely.

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    Don't drive with the arm out the window - points and dollars against you.

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    I bought a set of slimline weather shields but have yet to fit them on my E series. Hopefully their practicality out wieghs my concern as to whether I like them or not. They seem to suit some cars but not others.

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    I've got slimline weather shields on my vf gts which were on it when I bought it. I don't mind them. You don't really notice them.

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