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    Di Filippo exhaust

    My VE R8 LS3 has mild cam, Di Filippo headers and 3" inch exhaust. Just wondering if there is a way I can modify it for a deeper sound? would swapping out the rear mufflers for hot dogs make a difference? Im happy with it at idle but not so happy with it when cruising around. Im chasing the deep burble, doesn't need to be any louder, just deeper if that makes sense?

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    rear mufflers will make it sound crap i reckon will make it louder and may put more crackle into it not deepness, ive got the full difillipo 3" and all i get is a deep note sounds like a slightly louder AMG 6.3

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    If it's a full DPE system, I don't think you'll get much deeper. They're definitely one of the deeper sounding exhausts. Changing mufflers around may make it raspy depending on what you put in there. You don't want hotdogs at the back, they won't get rid of the drone and if they're in the middle it will probably make it a lot louder

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    I’d say replace the long centre resonator with a smaller hotdog muffler.

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    Remove the centres completely, they donít do much in reducing sound that comes out the back, the rears do all the work. I had a VE series 1 with a full factory exhaust (twin 2.25 loads of centre mufflers) and I just replaced the centre section with a factory E3 GTS (2.5Ē and a couple of small hotdogs) and the sound was deeper but wasnít much louder

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