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    Question Options for buying interstate, sight unseen?

    Hey guys,

    So, I'm over trying to find a car that meets my specs locally and have started to look interstate. It just so happens there is one that ticks all the boxes on the other side of the country but in my line of work, I can't find the time to fly over and see it in the metal so to speak.

    The car in question is still under new car warranty and is located at a "reputable" dealership...

    I would of course have the relevant checks performed (redbook inspection, encumbered vehicle check etc) and have it transported back.

    Anyhow, I'm really struggling to come to grips with buying a car sight unseen. Anyone been in a similar situation or have any opinions on this sort of thing? Am I crazy for even thinking of doing this?

    I'm after a very clean example and not sure to what level the inspection report (or dealer comments) would cover that?

    Is this even the kind of thing where a fellow forum member in the home state could duck over at lunch time and take a look (perhaps with some relevant photos)? Transfer of beer money would be involved of course

    I'm certainly no mechanic so I would only be looking at superficial stuff anyhow.



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    As Mike said to Greg on the Brady Bunch "Caveat Emptor".

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    Iím in WA, the VXII R8 I purchased was in QLD. I paid VIP Automotive Solutions about $550 (cheaper than flights/time off etc) to give me a detailed report and over 20 hi res photos. At the time we are talking a 20k vehicle. It sounds like yours would be substantially more given it has a warranty. For peace of mind I would recommend a similar purchase of inspection and not going off what a dealer reckons. Also, if you want to haggle, VIP will negotiate on your behalf for a better price. Itís all on their website.

    Just for clarification, no I am not employed by nor ever have been by VIP. There are other companies that are similar but I had transport and everything else arranged by VIP and just paid the once for everything.

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    Sounds like a good service, I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before

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    Considering itís from a dealer and still under factory warranty the risk would be greatly reduced. In NZ there is consumer law to protect us against this kind of stuff if it turns out to be a lemon, presumably you have similar laws in AU?

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    I've purchased under similar conditions and it's never been an issue. Man up and take the plunge. ��
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    I used state roads in Sydney and they were good. I then used state roads in Victoria and it was the biggest waste of money. Can be hit and miss

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    Id be paying for an inspection of some sort

    Ive bought high end 6 figure cars 2nd hand from reputable dealers and they will still delivered with multiple issues despite all their checks they claim to do

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    agree with above, not so easy once it leaves the dealer. get someone or pay someone as stated, a professional.

    WE can even get sucked into buying a NEW car that has been repaired it is legal I'm told. get someone that can check the door bolts for touch up paint and the front guard bolts, they should use a high power torch, I use a bike torch so you are focusing on one spot. wax can hide lots of shit until you wash the car a few times. id pay the $500 or whatever for a professional.
    Id do it for a few beers, then hate myself when I missed something. Has it been "de modified" ! engine wise.
    as for buying site unseen and trucking it interstate, add me to the list I have brought lots of stuff site unseen, but only new cars.

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    Mate I;m with all the blokes recommending a closer inspection,,,
    Why......twelve months or so ago...bought my dream car a VE 325 GTS.
    I am from Nth Qld and the vehicle was at a reputable dealer on he Gold Coast...
    First sighting was when I handed over the cheque..
    Nice , bright and shiny 2010 Gts on the showroom floor...
    3 months later after a multitude of issues....I traded for a brand new one..
    Dropped 15 g overnight....took all the fun outta my new Gts I can tell ya.
    Mate.....DO YOUR HOMEWORK....

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