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    Why no engine bay pics and they'd have to be the worst quality photos you could post up

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    VP Senator 5000i



    Here's a couple of video's of the vp Senator in mention.

    Going by the freshness looking paint work & painted door handles it's definitely a respray. It also sounds like it's had a cam change also. Not being a fan of the soft purple Quartz colour it would have to be under 20k for me to consider it, being very common in the Senator 5000i model.
    The dark grey Quartz colour is much rarer and have only seen two examples in twenty years.

    Here's a couple of pic of the same car (Dark grey Quartz)

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    Iíve been in and seen it Itís in great condition but far from immaculate condition. For memory all the rubbers had been painted, front bumper had large scatch.

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